Dialogue Script

All Chapters

1 - Mako # 1

From the start until Cloud meets the Shinra security guards, fights them and jumps onto the Train

2 - Train and Sector 7 Night

From the scene when Cloud enters the train after Mako # 1, the scene with Jessie looking at the map, NPCs in Sector 7 pre pillar fall, 7th Heaven, Tifa Flashback, Morning and Materia Explanation, Beginner's Hall, and stop with the party enters the Train again.

3 - Train thru Mako # 5

From entering the Train the second time, throughout the Lockdown, Inflitrating Mako # 5, The Airbuster Fight and Cloud Falling

4 - Sector 5 and Aeris

From Cloud waking up in the Church, fleeing Reno with Aeris, Going to her House, Sector 5 (all NPCs at all stages), going to her house, escaping at night, going to Sector 6 and the scene with Cloud and Aeris in the park.

5 - Wall Market

From entering Wall Market until leaving Wall Market, fighting Corneo's Lackeys, and NPCs at all stages

6 - Sewers thru The Plate Fall

The Dialogue in the Sewers pre and post the Aps fight, Train Graveyard, reaching and fighting up the Pillar of Sector 7 Slums, Reno Fight, the Plate Falling, until the scene with Barret resolving to go to Aeris's house.

7 - Elmyra to Shinra 60F

From Cloud, Barret and Tifa reaching Aeris's House, Aeris biography scene told by Elmyra, going back to Wall Market and climbing the plate, invading the Shinra Bldg, until reaching Floor 61.

8 - Shinra 61F to World Map

The Shinra Building, floor 61 thru 70, the Fight with Rufus and the escape, the Crazy Motorcycle chase, Cloud resolving to chase Sephiroth on the end of the Midgar Highway, to the party splitting up to get to Kalm

9 - Kalm

All of the NPCs in Kalm throughout the game.

10 - On That Day 5 Years Ago

The Flashback scene with Cloud from the start of the story until you receive the PHS

11 - Chocobo Farm

All dialogue possible in the Chocobo Farm at all times

12 - Mythril Mine &Fort Condor

From seeing the dead Midgar Zolom to meeting the Turks in Mythril Mine, to entering Fort Condor. (All of the dialogue through the game of Fort Condor is included save a few line for the Huge Materia fight.)

13 - Yuffie

All the dialogue when meeting Yuffie.

14 - Junon

Entering Lower Junon, Saving Priscilla and using Mr Dolphin to reach the Highwind, entering Junon for Rufus' Welcoming Ceremony, ALL NPCs at ALL times, doing the send off ceremony for Rufus and "Were off to a new continent…"

15 - Cargo Ship

All dialogue on the cargo ship from first being in the Hold to the start dialogue after Jenova BIRTH

16 - Costa Del Sol

Costa Del Sol, from arriving to speaking with Hojo and leaving, with ALL NPCs at all times.

17 - Corel

Crossing Mt Corel to reaching North Corel, ALL NPC in North Corel and Ropeway Station, to Barret's flashback about Dyne, and entering the carriage to go to Gold Saucer

18 - Gold Saucer &Corel Prison

Reaching Gold Saucer, Barret pissed off, Meeting Cait Sith. ALL NPCs in Gold Saucer at ALL Times. then Everyone is dead in the Battle Arena, to being sent to Corel Prison, to Dyne fight, and Chocobo Race, to receiving the Buggy

19 - Gongaga

Reaching Gongaga for the first time, Zack's parents, Scarlet and Tseng examing the Dead Reactor, and ALL NPCs.

20 - Cosmo Canyon

Entering Cosmo Canyon, Meeting Bugenhagen, ALL NPCs, Spirit Energy Lecture, Get Ready to Leave, the Gi Cave, Great Warrior scene and Leaving Cosmo Canyon

21 - Nibelheim

All Nibelheim NPCs, from start to end, Tifa's letter, getting Final Heaven, the Shinra Mansion, meeting Sephiroth who talks about the Reunion

22 - Vincent

Meeting Vincent

23 - Rocket Town & Cid

Reaching Rocket Town, Meeting the Captain, ALL NPCs at all Times, Shera's History how she ruined Cid's launch, Shinra reaching Rocket Town, fight with Palmer and Escape from Rocket Town, to scene in the ocean with the Tiny Bronco.

24 - Wutai

From Scene where Yuffie steal all the materia, to reaching Wutai, to Turks Helping you track down Yuffie, Da-Chao, ALL NPCs and Yuffie climbing the tower.

25 - Gold Saucer Pre Date

From meeting with the Weapon Seller (at all times), to returning to Gold Saucer and the discussion fo the Story so far with all the characters.

26 - Date Scene

The Date Scene with Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie and Barret, until the scene finsihes with Cait Sith holding Marlene for ransom.

27 - Gold Saucer Post Date

Cait Sith plea for going on as we were and Aeris's resolving for going to the Temple of the Ancients

28 - Temple of the Ancients

Entering the Temple of the Ancients, Getting Lost in the Maze, The Two visions of Sephiroth, fight with Red Dragon, Discovery and extraction of Black Materia, Demon Gate boss, Destruction of Temple, Cloud gives up Black Materia and Beats Aeris, the hallunication with Aeris and Cloud as Aeris leaves to fight Seph, ending with the aftermath in Gongaga

29 - City Of The Ancients

From entering Bone Village (all NPCs) to entering the Sleeping Forest, to entering the city of the Ancients, sleeping for the Night, The Death of Aeris and the fight with Jenova LIFE, Aeris' burial, Cloud's speech at the end of Disc 1, and following Sephiroth out of Corral Valley Cave

30 - Icicle Inn, Gaea's Cliff

Reaching Icicle Inn, All NPC at all times, Dr Gast and Ifalna's tapes, Elena hits Cloud, Snowboarding, getting off of the Great Glacier, reaching Mr. Holzoff, climbing Gaea's Cliff and reaching the Northern Crater

31 - Whirlwind Maze, Weapons

Climining Down the Whirlwind Maze, Rufus arriving with the Highwind, Sephiroth Taunting the Party, Jenova DEATH, Red XIII gets the Black Materia, Hojo and Rufus discuss the Reunion, Sephiroth controls Cloud, "When did I join Soldier?", Cloud gives up the Black Materia, The Weapons Awake, Tifa is unconscious in the Lifestream, and remembers finding Cloud

32 - Escape from Junon

Barret explaining what Meteor is, Barret and Tifa are to be executed, but is saved by Cait Sith, they try to rescue Tifa, Tifa escape and catfight on the Sister Ray, she is rescued on the Highwind. ALL NPCs at ALL times on the Highwind, Bugen and Tifa

33 - Mideel I

Finding and entering Mideel, Finding Cloud in the hospital, and Cid is picked as the new Leader, Cait Sith listens in on Rufus discussing Huge Materia

34 - Corel and Condor Huge Mat.

The party try to get the Fort Condor and Mount Corel Huge Materia (NPC have been done already). Cid decides to return to Mideel

35 - Mideel II and Lifestream

Return to Mideel, Ultimate WEAPON attacks, Cloud and Tifa regain their memories in the Lifestream, the party rescuses them, Cloud gives a speech in the Operations Room

36 - Chocobo Sage,WorldMapCaves

ALL DIALOGUE POSSIBLE on the World Map itself, The Chocobo Sage, The Sleeping Man in the Cave and the 4 Materia Caves (Weapon Seller has been done)

37 - Underwater Reactor

The Party inflitrates Junon, Cloud wonders where the cannon is, they enter the elevator (NPCs have been done) and fight Carry Armor, Submarine Fight, all dialogue in Submarine, all possible dialogue underwater, like find the Key of the Ancients, The Crashed Gelnika, and the Lucretia Flashbacks

38 - Rocket Town II and Space

(All NPC have been done) Cid charging into the Rocket, the Rocket launches, the party gets the Huge Materia, Shera saves Cid, the Escape Pod is launched, Cid vows to protect the planet, they choose to return to Cosmo Canyon

39 - Bugenhagen, Ancients II

Party talks to Bugenhagen, party hides the Huge Materia, Bugen and party go to the city of the Ancients and reveal Aeris' prayers went through. Cait Sith calls up and says Rufus has moved the cannon, "Call it the Sister Ray", return to Cosmo Canyon, Death of Bugenhagen

40 - Return To Midgar, Disc 3

Diamond Weapon emerges, Party fights him, Let's see what happened to Sephiroth, We Have to Stop Hojo!, to parachute stop into Midgar, to fighting Turks in the tunnels, to Proud Clod fight, to Hojo Fight, Shinra's Finished, Cloud and Tifa speak on the hill (both versions), the party regroups to There's 2 Levers I've been itching to try

41 - Zack Flashback

Self Explanatory

42 - Sidequests and UltWeapons

The Ancient Forest

43 - North Cave and Ending

Entering North Cave, Highwind dialogue in Disc 3, Descending In North Cave, Dialogue on Lowest Level, Fighting Jenova SYNTHESIS, Fighting Sephiroth, Ending FMV

44 - Extra - Battle Dialog

In Battle Dialogue

45 - Debug Rooms

Debug Rooms & other Debug data. Remaining BLACKBG files are elsewhere in this document.

46 - Miscellaneous

Location names, items, save points, etc. Mostly for duplicate groups.